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Fingerless Gloves

It’s Spring in Utah so we get everything from heaps of snow to 60 degrees back to back. Our office is consistently cold year round so I was super excited to find this easy fingerless glove pattern at Blazing Needles. The yarn I used was the Malabrigo Rios, it is super soft and fuzzy…however tangles like crazy!

Spring is in the air!

Sorry for the three posts in one day! While I had a second to spare I wanted to get these pictures to you. This last weekend was lovely and almost 60 and sunny. We have so many birds that come to our feeders. These are a few pictures of a flock of doves that visit our house daily. I wish I had a better picture so you could get an idea of how many are actually at the feeder…certainly over 20. I also am posting a picture of my coworker Lynne and her new baby boy Leo. He is wearing a cute eggplant hat that I knitted for him in the Fall. He is such a cutie!

The Dinner!

Rob and I had a lovely dinner New Year celebration with Naji, Mandy, Chris, and Kim. We are blessed to have such amazing friends! (Aimee, Greg, and Ryan wish you were in this state! You were missed!)


Year of the Rabbit!

In honor of the Chinese New Year (February 3rd) Rob and I are having a dinner party for a few of our friends. I decorated with paper lanterns that light up and as of now were thinking of serving sushi (yes I know this is Japanese…but so tasty and healthy!). Last week I went to a Chinese New Year party at a shop called Lotus that was held by my friends mom who is a feng shui designer. There was a dancing dragon that we were able to feed our red money envelopes to for good fortune for the upcoming year. It was so much fun and made me think that one year Rob and I will have to go oversees to see the authentic version of this celebration.

Fall at our new House

Coming up next on the blog will be all of the Christmas decorations, crafts, cookies etc…but before we go there one last look at our First Fall in the house. Nature really put on an amazing show for us. Rob and I moved to our house in August, we are finally settling in and its starting to really feel like home.