The Dinner!

Rob and I had a lovely dinner New Year celebration with Naji, Mandy, Chris, and Kim. We are blessed to have such amazing friends! (Aimee, Greg, and Ryan wish you were in this state! You were missed!)


Year of the Rabbit!

In honor of the Chinese New Year (February 3rd) Rob and I are having a dinner party for a few of our friends. I decorated with paper lanterns that light up and as of now were thinking of serving sushi (yes I know this is Japanese…but so tasty and healthy!). Last week I went to a Chinese New Year party at a shop called Lotus that was held by my friends mom who is a feng shui designer. There was a dancing dragon that we were able to feed our red money envelopes to for good fortune for the upcoming year. It was so much fun and made me think that one year Rob and I will have to go oversees to see the authentic version of this celebration.


I saw this pattern in a book on cable patterns and fell in love with it. I made this hat last winter and followed the pattern according to specs….because I have a really small head (can wear kids hats) I gave the hat to my friend Aimee ( it literally¬† was covering my eyes ). Finally had enough time to make one for me. It is hilarious and very warm. This is a very easy pattern made with Lion Brand Hometown USA Chunky yarn and size 13 needles. It was a great beginning pattern to learn how to cable. I’m currently working on fingerless gloves that are on size 3 dbl pointed needles with lots and lots of cable knitting so I’m glad I did this one first!

Christmas Wrap Up

It’s now the New Year and I’m am slowly adjusting to being back to work (=. It was a crazy sprint to the finish to get everything done before Christmas; and then the following week it was so nice to just relax and enjoy the new house. Here are some pics of the Holidays, I hope everyone had as much fun as we did this Holiday Season… nice way to wrap up the decade.


A couple of Monsters to go in the stocking. These were made from the Monster Chunk and Bunny Nugget patterns at Rebecca Danger’s Blog Danger Crafts. It’s amazing what a little spare leftover yarn will turn into.

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