So Rob and I and many of our friends are back to playing WOW. Rob and I were really into raiding a few years back but have been playing casually off and on for 6 years! Crazy how times flys... anyways it is winter and snowy, there is a new expansion … [Read more]

Fuzzball Haircut

So we have three crazy cats (=. Keoke is the youngest (8 or 9) and is a short haired black cat that Rob rescued as a kitten from a job site back in the day when he was in construction. Soje is a long haired ginger cat and is the oldest at 11, Loki is … [Read more]

Spring is in the air!

Sorry for the three posts in one day! While I had a second to spare I wanted to get these pictures to you. This last weekend was lovely and almost 60 and sunny. We have so many birds that come to our feeders. These are a few pictures of a flock of … [Read more]

Laura’s Birthday

Feb 9 was my Step Mom's Birthday. Because she reads the blog I waited until after she received her package before I added these pictures of her gift and card to the site. The card is inspired by a published card in CardMaker Magazine's March issue. … [Read more]

Happy Valentines Day!

Mandy and I attended another of Sheryl Shields card making workshops. Below are the cards that I made at her workshop followed by the Valentines that I created after being inspired by her workshop. Enjoy (=. … [Read more]

The Dinner!

Rob and I had a lovely dinner New Year celebration with Naji, Mandy, Chris, and Kim. We are blessed to have such amazing friends! (Aimee, Greg, and Ryan wish you were in this state! You were missed!) ) … [Read more]