A couple of Monsters to go in the stocking. These were made from the Monster Chunk and Bunny Nugget patterns at Rebecca Danger’s Blog Danger Crafts. It’s amazing what a little spare leftover yarn will turn into.

Gingerbread Men!

Gingerbread Man 1

They are FINALLY done. This craft (as many that I undertake do) took WAY longer then anticipated. They turned out amazing….but many simplifications and modifications had to be made to finish them en mass.

Christmas Cards!

X mas Prototype

Finally finished these at 1 am yesterday…going to be a sprint to finish everything by Christmas.



After three years we finally hit the slopes again. I love skiing and boarding…just wish it weren’t so pricey so we could go more.


Dust Bunnies

As I’m wrapping up this years knitting projects (everything from gingerbread men to monsters) I thought I would post some of last years projects. I learned how to knit last summer and have been knitting ever since.

Craft One Button Ornaments

Snowmen 1

I saw this in Martha Stewart’s Craft Of The Day. Essentially you thread buttons on a pipe cleaner to create everything from snowmen and santas to reindeer. I decided to make snowmen (of course) and reindeer. Luckily these went together pretty fast as I had a lot of them to make.