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So Rob and I and many of our friends are back to playing WOW. Rob and I were really into raiding a few years back but have been playing casually off and on for 6 years! Crazy how times flys… anyways it is winter and snowy, there is a new expansion and we have caught the WOW bug again. We are also back to raiding but in a much more casual way, 10 mans instead of 40 mans and with mainly our friends; 2 nights a week instead of 5…  Below is a picture of my character and screen shots of our first three raid boss kills. There are 12 bosses total in this latest expansion. It has been a lot of fun to play with our friends and Rob’s brother in Japan…it’s almost like they are just in the other room instead of 100′s of miles away.


So I set up this blog months ago and then between moving and remodeling didn’t touch it. I love the theme at the top of the page because it reminds me of Rebecca Danger’s monsters, fun sites like TokiDoki and The Public Zoo, and my love of RPG games such as World of Warcraft. This blog is a glimpse into my world; there will be many posts on all things craft (in particular knitting and card making); some insights into my workouts currently I’m enjoying spin, yoga, and swimming; and pretty much everything in between. Enjoy and thanks for reading.

Cynthia Yeo

Cynthia Yeo